Curling Iron (4pcs)


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The spring clip design has strong shaping capacity and can better hold the hair. The outer layer of magic sticker rolls up the hair easily, making curling easier, and easily curls up all kinds of curling hairstyles.


  • Comb the hair and spray a little water;
  • When the hair is half wet, take the right amount of hair and roll it, adjust it to the best place to fix it;
  • Wam air blowing for about 1-2 minutes, suggested that hot and cold air is used alternately, will be easier to fix style.
  • After 3-5 minutes, take out the curler and present the beautiful hair style.


  • This product can not resistant to high temperature, please do not use hair dryer in high temperature when using it.
  • When removing hair curlers, they should be gently removed along the direction of the hair.
  • Keep away from the fire, and keep out of reach of children.

Storage Method:

Please store in dry and cool place.

(medium size)


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